March 19, 2018

E-ink Monitors

 E-INK (Paperlike) Monitors as secondary display

Many people wanted to use e-ink monitors as their primary or secondary monitor, because they might be feeling bad with LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) or LED (Light-Emitted Diode) monitors, because some people may have specific illness  (or eye-problems,which is individual for different person) that forces them to use a paper-like, electronic-ink monitor (the famous example is Kindle, maybe most of you already know that – it was one of the first & well-known e-ink device).

Two different types of E-INK devices

As several different companies are producing e-ink devices, it must be said, that there are mostly two different types of e-ink devices:

  1. without Operating System: they can only be used as external monitor for other device.
  2. with Operating System: they are independent devices (i.e. Kindle) that has own programs, desktop and own system. So, they are used independently, like mobile phones. ONLY SOME  OF THESE DEVICES HAS A FEATURE TO BE USED AS EXTERNAL MONITOR.

So, in the below table, I’ve listed both of those types.

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