Eye damage related to Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)

liquid drop in eye

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) liquid in eye

There have been many reports related to the eye damages caused by Stink Bug. After coming across the actual problem myself, I made a small search and wanted to get information about this matter.

As you all know, almost all beings in the nature, have their specific protective mechanisms again their enemies. Stink Bugs have their own protective mechanism too.  When it feels any danger or something attacks to it, it pours out specific liquid from its thorax, which has very annoying smell.

Although, as experts say, it is not actually a strong “poison”, it can cause somehow undesirable problems if it drops directly into eyes. Several hours ago, I’ve got an information, that someone into my region become blind, because its liquid (I cant say surely if it was the Bug’s protective liquid, or if it was the “body” liquid, which was poured out after he pressed the bug and it was burst). In our country, he couldnt get a help, and then was sent to Germany, but unfortunately, they couldnt save him and become blind.

However, that is very rare occasion and dont know why that happened. Many people have been “attacked” by bug, and many people got Bug’s liquid into their eyes, but all of those people just had their eyes swollen and burning, but dont becoming blind. Then I’ve met this article, saying that in rare cases, it may cause temporary blindness. So, if you had an accident with a bug and got a liquid into your eye, then do some measures.
I will just list some links, were people (who had experienced such accidents personally on themselves) talk about the facts and measurements:

Some experts recommend  that if you get bug’s liquid into your eyes, you should rinse the eyes quickly and see a doctor. However, in the above links, you will read more details how to rinse eyes.

Official Website against BMSB

Official community against stink bugs is stopbmsb.org. You can read much information there.


Anti-Bug tools

For them, who wants to find some tools & products to fight against bugs at home, you can review some tools & products, if they are worth for you :

2 thoughts on “Eye damage related to Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)

  1. When I was just a young boy of about 10 or possibly 12. I was very curious what a Stinkbug looked like so I got down and wanted to get a real close look and sure enough he or she shot me with this green liquid and temperarally blinded me.But she had no idea that I had a twin brother that said “So you thought you could get away and the Stinkbug was stepped on to its death and I was completely recovered and my sight was restored in approximately 10 minutes so Don’t worry if a stinkbug shoots This liquid and hits you in your eyes. Just go inside and rinse your eyes.You will be find.

    1. But near our neighborhood there was an accident, while person blinded completely – it spreaded from one eye to second eye soon, and even in Germany they couldnt heal it. (however, he was exception I assume, maybe due his special alergy or reaction)

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