[Solution] Fix Green Lines on Motorola Turbo 2 screen

Problems with Motorola Turbo 2 display

Motorola’s production line of Turbo2 models had an unexpected faulty in their displays. Hundreds of users report the same problem with their phones –  Green (or sometimes Pink, or other colour) lines on the screen. Most of customers, who had a warranty period, have returned their phones, however, other customers which were out of luck and cant return the phone, the last resorts are listed below:


(Method 1) Fix Green/Pink lines using a glue

Here is a video showing how to fix using method 1. If this wont help, then go to method 2.


(Method 2) Fix Green/Pink lines using a stick

(Method 3) Replace screen yourself

If none of the method helps you and the last workaround is to replace the screen, you can go to the repair-centre or replace the screen yourself (probably you need to have some simple skills to do it carefully). The lowest price on Amazon seems about $100 (Choose either White or Black)

(Method 4) Send phone to Repair Centre (appx $130)

The last resort might be to send the item to repair-shop. For that you can also use online-services like iMend.com  (or google for other services too, but be careful to choose certified service) or go to physical repair-shop location yourself and bring your phone.

(Method 5) Get new one (appx. $110)

What is interesting (for considerable reasons) getting  complete item seems cheaper, then buying brand-new screen only for Turbo2. Motorola’s official store seems to sell Turbo2:

Btw, if you prefer Ebay, you can search there too.

Write your comments to confirm if it works or not for you, and how long that method lasted for you.

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