March 19, 2018

WordPress Page/Theme Builders (Free & Priced)

Difference Between:
Page-Builder VS Theme-Builder

Page-Builders and Theme-Builders are different kind of plugins. To describe the difference simply, Page Builder  can build individual pages (like Front-Page or any single page), while Theme-Builders can create a permanent,shared layout for Pages,Posts,Categories, etc…
Of course, the best plugin could be Theme & Page Builder (combined together), however, such plugins are quite rare – most of them are PAGE-BUILDERS. Though, a Page-Builder alone might not be enough if you want fully customised website categories, because you will need permanent parts in theme (like Header, Footer, Navigations, Sidebars across categories or posts, and etc…). So, you should choose something desired,flexible THEME, which you can use with your Page-Builder plugin. For that, I recommend to use a flexible theme (view WordPress Themes Full List, especially the paragraph of “Page-Builder compatible Themes“). After installing any theme, you can set any static page as a “Front-Page” and start using a Page-Builder.


P.S. Conditional Sidebars will also help you much ! Use: Dynamic Widgets or Widget Logic or Widget Options .

Page/Theme Builder Plugins List

<Free> <Commercial> if 3rd party
addons exist
DEMO (my subjective rating, out of 10)
Visual Composer Premium +
cssHero Premium + 2017 (compatible themes )
Velocity Page Premium +
Cloud-Press Premiun
Divi Premium + 2017 
Rapid Composer Premium + 2017
Creator (V.P.C) Premium + 2017
CornerStone Premium + 2017
Architect Premium +
BRIX Premium +
Conductor Premium +
Ait Themes (+ Page Builder) Premium
Elementor Free Premium + 8.5
Beaver Free Page Builder Premium: Page Builder +
Theme Builder
+ 2017
Page Builder,Theme Builder
Live Composer Free + 2017   8.5
Forge Free + (templates are created separately,
and put in pages with shortcode)
PageLines Free Premium + 8.5
SiteOrigin Free + 8.5
iThemes Builder Premium +
Ultimate Free +
Brix Free +
All-In-One P.B. Free +
Site Editor Free +
Template Toaster Free (Builder) or Free (plugin) + 2017
LayersWP Free Premium +
Themify Free – Page Builder Lite
Free (Flow Theme Builder; discontinued)
Premium: Page Builder +
Unyson Free 2017  6
Mighty Builder Free 2017  6
Front-End Builder Premium +
WooRockets Page Builder Free Premium: Page Builder + Theme Builder +
Tailor Free +
Live Composer P.B. Free +
MotoPress Free Premium +
P.B. Sandwich Free +
FluxLive Free +
Mesh Free +
Kopa Free +
Blog Designer Free +
WDS Simple Builder Free +
Wishpond Free Premium +
Octonis Free +
Parallax Gravity Free Premium + 2017
WPBP Free +
King Composer Free +
Bold Free + 2017 6.5
Fusion Free +
TX Onepage Free +
Squeze pages Free +
Sunny L.P. Free +
Qoob Free + 5
Pootle Free + 2017 4
Pace Free + 2017 5.5
Aqua Free + 2017 4-5
Theme.Works useless
Lubith useless

Themes, which includes PAGE-BUILDER functionality

<Free> <Commercial> if 3rd party
addons exist
DEMO (my subjective rating, out of 10)
Headway Themes Premium +
Avada Theme (+ Fusion Builder) Premium +
Valenti Themes (+ Page Builder) Premium
Make THeme Free +
GeneratePress Free Premium +
Ultimatum Theme Premiun 2017
X-Theme Premium +
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